Newest product helps consumers save thousands in interest on their debts

OTTAWA, Canada, September 12, 2005 - Slateboard Software Inc., a developer of consumer and business software applications, today announced the release of DebtCalc Debt Elimination Planner. "With today's incredibly high consumer debt we felt that our customers needed a product to help them get out of this hole quicker and cheaper," said Robert Kennedy, President and CEO of Slateboard Software. "We researched the market and found it sadly lacking. While there are tools out there they are mostly at the amateur end of the spectrum. This new product fills a need for a powerful yet user-friendly tool that can be relied upon to have the features and flexibility you need plus the ability to provide you with quick, easy to understand answers from a company you can trust."

DebtCalc comes in three editions. The Home Edition, at $29.95, and the Plus! Edition, at $49.95, are aimed at the consumer market. The Office Edition, which adds multi-user capability and a client management module, is targeted at the financial planning professional.

DebtCalc's main feature is the Debt Elimination Planner. This feature allows users to input all of their current debts, see how long making their current payments it will take to pay off their debts and then see a proposed plan that will save them thousands in interest and years in time. Not only does DebtCalc provide a rapid debt reduction plan, it allows the user the flexibility of calculating Consolidation Loans and Fixed Term Reduction schedules. As well, the Debt Reduction Plans can be prioritized in twelve different ways if the user prefers their own method to the DebtCalc recommendation.

DebtCalc Plus! also includes QuikCalc Amortization's popular Amortization Schedules Plus! feature that allows users to create flexible amortization schedules that allow them to change any payment amount and add any number of lump-sum payments. As well, DebtCalc includes the Solve for Missing Number Calculator, Amortization Schedules, Amortization Tables and dozens of bonus financial calculators.

About Slateboard Software

Slateboard Software, founded in 1994, is a software development company that designs software for the consumer and business market. Products include QuikCalc Amortization, DebtCalc Debt Elimination Planner and VehiCalc Car/Loan Lease Analyzer, in use by thousands of individuals and businesses. For more information, visit our web site at

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