Perforated Paper Now Available for QuikCalc's Payment Coupons

OTTAWA, Canada, February 23, 2007 - Slateboard Software Inc., a developer of consumer and business software applications, today announced the addition of its popular Payment Coupon feature, previously available in QuikCalc Office only, to the Plus! and Premium Editions. "In a recent newsletter we surveyed our users to see if they would be interested in having this feature included in these editions for our next release," said President and CEO Robert Kennedy. "We were quite surprised at how popular a request this was. We looked into what would be involved and decided to add this as part of the latest V6 update."

In addition to adding Payment Coupons to the Loan Manager feature included in QuikCalc Plus!, Premium and Office, Slateboard also contracted a company to create perforated paper that is compatible with these coupons. This paper is now available to order directly within the latest update of QuikCalc and is available for $24.95 per pack of 100 sheets (400 coupons) or $99.95 for a package of 500 (2000 coupons). "We were constantly receiving requests for where this paper could be bought," commented Kennedy. "We always had to advise customers to use a paper cutter to create the booklets. Now we have addressed this need by having custom paper made."

Existing QuikCalc V6.0 Plus! and Premium Edition users can access this new feature for free by downloading and installing the latest update from their Help menu's Check for Updates option.

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