Software maker launches lite version aimed at the average consumer

OTTAWA, Canada, July 29, 2002 - Slateboard Software Inc., a developer of consumer and business software applications, today announced the release of QuikCalc Mortgage and Loan Manager Lite Edition V2.0. "This new edition of QuikCalc is aimed at those who have no need for the loan tracking and management capabilities of the regular edition," explained Robert Kennedy, President & CEO, "This edition still has the full-featured principal/interest breakdown tables and amortization tables that our users want for a much cheaper price."

The software includes dynamic amortization tables and powerful principal/interest breakdown tables that allow the user to have any number of extra payments and override any payment amount.

Also included are dozens of easy to use financial calculators that cover most common calculations. "There are a lot of free calculators available on the web however none of them provide the power or convenience of QuikCalc Lite," said Kennedy. "There is nothing like actually having the software on your machine--it is faster and the web technology just isn't there yet to provide an equivalent interface. For a small price our customers can have an extremely flexible and powerful tool available to them whenever they want."

QuikCalc Mortgage and Loan Manager Lite Edition V2.0 is now available for immediate
purchase and download on Slateboard Software's web site,, for $29CAD (approx. $19US).

About Slateboard Software

Slateboard Software is a software development company that designs software for the consumer and business market. Products include QuikCalc Mortgage and Loan Manager and Retire!, the personal financial planning software for Canadians that the Globe and Mail called one of the best financial planning products. For more information, visit our web site at

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