Software maker launches completely revamped version of its mortgage and loan
management software

OTTAWA, Canada, July 26, 2002 - Slateboard Software Inc., a developer of consumer and business software applications, today announced the release of QuikCalc Mortgage and Loan Manager V2.0. "This new version of QuikCalc goes far beyond its predecessor," explained Robert Kennedy, President & CEO, "QuikCalc is now a full-fledged mortgage and loan manager, allowing the user to do loan calculations, figure out ways to save money and then track the exact status of their loans."

The software includes dynamic amortization tables and powerful principal/interest breakdown tables that now allow the user to have any number of extra payments and override any payment amount. "The new tables are completely flexible," said Kennedy. "Being able to override any payment with any amount and add any number of extra payments are the two most requested features of our customers."

The loan management aspect of the software is completely new. "We are very excited about this new feature," commented Kennedy. "It allows the user to create and store any number of sample or real-life loans, including Canadian and US mortgages, and see the effect of paying that extra $50 per month, skipping a payment, putting an income tax refund down on the principal, renegotiating your interest rate and much more."

QuikCalc Mortgage and Loan Manager V2.0 is now available for immediate purchase and download on Slateboard Software's web site,, for as low as $89CAD (approx. $59US) or $49CAD (approx. $35US) as an upgrade.

About Slateboard Software

Slateboard Software is a software development company that designs software for the consumer and business market. Products include QuikCalc Mortgage and Loan Manager and Retire!, the personal financial planning software for Canadians that the Globe and Mail called one of the best financial planning products. For more information, visit our web site at

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