Latest version of flagship amortization software loads up on features

OTTAWA, Canada, July 11, 2005 - Slateboard Software Inc., a developer of consumer and business software applications, today announced the latest upgrade to its flagship QuikCalc Amortization suite of products. "Once again we've listened to our customers and delivered what they've asked for," said President and CEO Robert Kennedy. "Not only have we added a lot of new features with this release, but we've given access to some of the higher end features to the editions aimed at the home consumer. To this end, we've renamed our editions to make things clearer."

The new release comes in four editions. The Home Edition (formerly Amortization Edition), $29.95, now allows the schedules to use dates and specify its own payment amount, features formerly restricted to the Lite Edition. The Lite Edition is now the Plus! Edition and now has access to the Premium (formerly Personal) Edition's Loan Manager. For $59.95 users can now track up to five loans. The Premium Edition, specifically targetting the small business owner or the power users at home, allows tracking of an unlimited number of loans. The Office Edition retains its name and includes advanced reporting capabilities starting at $199.95 for a single user.

Existing customers can upgrade for half price to any edition, no matter what edition they previously owned. As well, users can upgrade between any edition for the price difference if they decide they need the additional features.

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Slateboard Software, founded in 1994, is a software development company that designs software for the consumer and business market. Products include QuikCalc Amortization and VehiCalc Car/Loan Lease Analyzer, in use by thousands of individuals and businesses. For more information, visit our web site at

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