About the Corporate Logo Plug-in for QuikCalc

It is always important to present a professional image to your customers. This is why we have business cards, letterhead, professionally designed web sites and other promotional material. Now with the Corporate Logo Plug-in for QuikCalc, you can extend that professional look to your QuikCalc reports. This Plug-in for QuikCalc allows you to specify a graphics file that contains your logo and then position and size it on the report header in any way you want. You can adjust the position of the current header text so that there is no overlap and then save your settings so that every time you access a report preview, the logo is pre-positioned. You can also optionally turn it on or off for when you do not need a header logo.

If you already have QuikCalc V5.0 or later and have installed the latest update, you have access to this feature on your Preview window to try free for 10 days.

Take your professional image to the next level with the Corporate Logo Plug-in for QuikCalc.


The Corporate Logo Plug-in is available now for

ONLY $59.95 per user!

Take your professional image to the next level today!


Our software is quick and easy to learn and is already in use by thousands of individuals and professionals across the United States and the world. We've been in business for over 25 years and offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all of our software so there is no risk to you!

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