What is QuikCalc subScribe?

QuikCalc subScribe is a subscription plan that allows you to pay a low monthly or annual fee for your software. For this low fee, you will receive:

  • Free updates and upgrades. When a new version comes out, you get it, free.
  • Priority e-mail support. You go to the front of the queue.
  • Freedom to add or remove licenses at any time.
  • Flexibility to change the edition you require as your needs change.

How does it work?

It's very simple. At the bottom of this page there is a form that will get you started. Choose your plan, the number of additional users you will require, then click Subscribe Now! You will be taken to our secure order site where you enter your billing information. After your card clears, usually in a few seconds, you will be emailed your registration number(s) and download instructions.

What if my needs change?

No problem. If you need additional users, require fewer users, or want to change editions, just let us know. Send an email to support@slateboard.com and we will adjust your subscription accordingly. And if you decide you don't need QuikCalc anymore, you can cancel at any time. Note that you must maintain your subscription to continue using the software.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use my software?

No, this is not slow, inefficient web software. This is the same fast desktop QuikCalc version that you install on your computer. It runs on Windows and does not need an Internet connection.

How much can I save?

Our subscription plans can result in huge savings. Save even more by signing up for an annual plan and get two months each year free! See for yourself:

QuikCalc Edition
Monthly Plan
Each Additional User
Yearly Plan
Each Additional User

What are the advantages?

As you can see the advantages are many:

  • Significant savings, especially for multi-license requirements.
  • Upfront costs reduced dramatically.
  • You will always have the latest and greatest.
  • You will be first in line for support.
  • Complete flexibility allows your subscription to adjust to your needs.
  • Bring your office onside with our license agreement which requires one copy to be purchased per machine.
  • Depending on the tax laws in your jurisdiction, subscriptions can be written off immediately whereas software purchases sometimes need to be depreciated over multiple years.
  • For larger organizations including government, software subscriptions are often treated as Operations & Maintenance budget items as opposed to Capital.

Get started now:

Sign up below and your subscription will start immediately. Download instructions will be emailed to you along with your registration number(s). Your credit card will be billed at the frequency you selected. Change the number of licenses or the edition you are subscribed to at any time by sending us an email. It's that easy! Your plan is automatically renewable. There is nothing else for you to do!

If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@slateboard.com.

Please select the QuikCalc Edition and plan (monthly or yearly) you would like to subscribe to:

Every subscription includes a single user license (the Office Edition includes two licenses). If you would like additional licenses for other users or machines such as laptops, home computers or for other employees at your office, please specify the number of ADDITIONAL licenses you would like below. If you do not need any additional licenses, enter zero (0) in this field.

SUMMER SPECIAL DETAILS: Select a monthly subscription, and your first user will be $1.00 for the first month. The regular billing amount will begin in the second month.

Number of ADDITIONAL licenses:

Add the Corporate Logo Plug-in for only $2.00 per month ($20.00 per year) per user:

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