From time to time we will post updates that will correct minor problems with your software and introduce new features. If you are having a problem, please download the latest update before contacting us.

If you would like to report a "bug" please click here. If you are having problems installing your software please click here.

Before installing any update, be certain to backup your data. Before downloading make certain that you are downloading the correct patch for your installation. Once downloaded, run the file using Windows Explorer to install the patch. To confirm successful installation, go to Help->About to check the version.

To check your current version, see Help->About.


Current Version Patches

QuikCalc V8.0 Update (9.2MB) for versions 8.0.199 or earlier.

DebtCalc V3.0 Update (8.5MB) for versions 3.0.44 or earlier.

VehiCalc V3.0 Update (7.8MB) for versions 3.0.13 or earlier.

Retire! V1.0 Update (7.5MB) for versions 1.0.373 or earlier.

Old Version Patches

QuikCalc V7.0 Update (2.5MB) for versions 7.0.123 or earlier.

QuikCalc V6.0 Update (3.1MB) for versions 6.0.593 or earlier.

QuikCalc V5.0 Update (1.8MB) for versions 5.0.274 or earlier.

QuikCalc V4.0 Update (1.6MB) for versions 4.0.1022 or earlier.

QuikCalc V3.0 Update (2.6MB) for version 3.0.891 or earlier.

QuikCalc Personal Edition V2.0 Update (4.6MB) for versions 2.0.244 or earlier.

QuikCalc Lite Edition V2.0 Update (4.6MB) for versions 2.0.254 or earlier.

QuikCalc Amortization V2.0 Update (4.6MB) for versions 2.0.254 or earlier.

DebtCalc V2.0 Update (3.9MB) for versions 2.0.442 or earlier.

DebtCalc V1.0 Update (2.0MB) for versions 1.0.109 or earlier.

VehiCalc V2.0 Update (1.7MB) for versions 2.0.1011 or earlier.


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