If you have already downloaded a demo, then there is no need to download again. When your registration number arrives (immediately after ordering--if you haven't received the email, check your spam/junk mail folders) it will unlock the features of the program you purchased permanently. In the meantime, continue using the fully-functional demo.

If you have any problems downloading or installing the software, please click here to check out our FAQ's on installation problems.

If you haven't already downloaded, use the links below to download your order. Note that we use a single executable for all editions of QuikCalc except the Office Edition. This saves you from having to download again when upgrading between editions. Your registration number will unlock the appropriate features.

Click Here to download QuikCalc Amortization (9.4MB)

Click Here to download Retire! (7.7MB)

Click Here to download DebtCalc (8.7MB)

Click Here to download VehiCalc Home Edition (8.0MB)

Other Downloads

For information on our demos, click here.

To download updates, click here.

For old versions of our software, click here.

For help on downloading, click here.

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